Important information


When meeting your escort, we expect you have the correct payment ready in cash unless otherwise agreed. You have already been informed about the amount still due at the time of the meeting. To make the experience as pleasurable as possible and to beware both of you from any embarrassment, make sure the amount is correct and place it in an envelope or separate from the rest of your money. When the model suggests the payment is to be made, hand it to her.

Cancellation for bookings

We are not into last minute dates. We would appreciate being contacted a few days in advance. We do not guarantee a refund of your advance payment.

Policy and Escort Rates

Before contacting Perla Di Mare Escort Services, please respectfully read our policy to make sure you understand what’s important to us in terms of payments, rates, mutual respect, discretion, reliability and  Personal care.


When you are a new Perla Di Mare client and/or when the location of the meeting requires our escort to travel to meet you, we require an advance payment of at least 40% of the total rate. The advance payments need to be cleared  at least min 3 days before the meeting takes place. Travel expenses of our escorts are at the client’s expense and must be paid and cleared before the final travel arrangements are made. All information concerning these expenses will be explained to you in detail. All our Perla Di Mare models expect their fee at the beginning of the meeting. Make sure you have a unsealed envelope with in the full amount cash inside.

Rates Escort

All of our rates are fixed and non-negotiable. A meeting with a couple implies 300euro extra on top of the total rate. Professional fees might vary, depending on the availability of our models.

Prices are exclusive VAT.

This fees are a payment for the time your companion is keeping you company. Any erotic services depend on the affection and sympathy our escort feels for you and will not be charged.

Please contact Perla Di Mare to discuss your expectations in order to find you the perfect companion for an unforgettable adventure.

Respect and discretion

Our relationships are based on mutual respect so please treat your Perla model as you wish to be treated yourself.  You can fully rely on the discretion of the agency and its models at all times. We expect nothing less than the same discretion towards our models and agency.

Honesty and reliability

The more detailed information you are able to provide us with in terms of you desires and expectations, the better we will be able to meet your requirements in detail. We, the agency and our models, take pride in communicating honestly and open and we expect you to do the same.

Personal care

Our Perla Di Mare models take great care of their physical appearance and personal care, we expect the same of our clientele.


Our VIP escort service is based in Brussels but we have clients all over the world. So whether you would like to meet in Antwerp, Brussels, Milan, Luxembourg, Paris, Geneva or Amsterdam, we’re able to provide you with a sensational high-class escort service within 24-hours after deposit.

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Perla di mare is a high class escort agency based in Brussels for exclusive and personalized high class escort services in Europe and worldwide.

Our international VIP escorts will be delighted to accompany you on all sorts of occasions, whether it’s just for taking a break, for a business dinner, for spending a weekend together…


Perla di Mare functions as a matchmaker, travel agent, personal concierge, marketing and administration channel only. All models advertised on this website are adult independent individuals, any fees paid to the models or to the company are for time with the model only.