After natural foods, natural make-up and natural wines, we now have a “natural women” or at least as close to an unspoiled beauty as you will ever meet!
Bo enjoys passionate and intimate adventures and loves to think she is able to offer you a truly unique experience. Educated and elegant, Bo is an excellent choice as a partner to any upscale event or function, whether champagne breakfast, glamorous gala or star studded celebration and is sure to make for a stimulating and sophisticated companion.


Age: 30
Height: 168cm
Weight: 54kg
Cupsize: 75B
Hair: Brown long
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Accountant
Drinks: Champagne


Bo is a passionate well educated 30 year old beauty from Brussels.


2h : 800 euro
Dinner Date or Lunch Date (4h) : 1100 euro
Overnight incl dinner or breakfast (12h) : 1800 euro
Overnight incl dinner and breakfast (24h) : 2400 euro
2 Nights : 3800 euro
3 Nights : 4800 euro
5 Nights : 6800 euro
1 week : 8400 euro

(transfer costs excluded)


French, Dutch, English


Located in



Brussels, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Knokke, Hasselt, Den Haag, Bruges, Luxembourg, Ostend, Ghent